Western Patch-nosed Snake peering from burrow, Lockhart Road, Monticello UT

Dang, He's Still Here

Western Patch-nosed Snake, Lockhart Road, Monticello UT

October 8, 2015

These Little Western Patch-nosed Snakes Are FAST!

When this cute little guy saw me (s)he made a mad dash for safety in a nearby burrow, quickly turned around and peered out to see what I was up to, gave me just time enough to get a few shots, and raced off into the scrub. The whole encounter lasted only a few seconds.

Western Patch-nosed Snake, Salvdora Hexalepis,

The western patch-nosed snake, Salvadora hexalepis, occurs in desert regions of the southwestern United States and Mexico. In Utah, the species occurs only in the southwestern portion of the state.

The western patch-nosed snake can be found in many types of desert habitats, as well as in pinyon-juniper areas within its range. Individuals are active during the day, but are inactive during periods of extreme heat or cold weather.

This snake mates in late spring, and females lay four to ten eggs during the summer; eggs hatch about two to three months after they are laid. The western patch-nosed snake is a carnivore, with a diet composed of small mammals, lizards, snakes, and eggs.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources