Excerpt from 1878 Columbia County History pg 325

History of Columbia County NY pg 325


My Red Rock Roots

I have my folks old photos, papers, and memorabilia they kept over the years (some of it going back a hundred and fifty years or so) and I want to post some of that stuff here. Members of both my parents families participated in the settlement of Red Rock in 1750 and it will be fun to piece some of that history together using this memorabilia.

Historic Red Rock

Red Rock area compilation map from Beers 1873 Columbia County NY Atlas.

1873 Historic Map of the Red Rock Area

Compiled Map from Beers 1873 Atlas of Columbia County. New York

"RED ROCK is the name applied to an extended settlement along the creek, in the southwestern part of the town. The locality was formerly known as Pilfershire, but in 1825 a huge rock along the roadside was painted red, and crowned with a wooden column, to commemorate the change of name. In 1860 a marble shaft was placed on the rock by the inhabitants and former citizens of the place, and dedicated with imposing ceremonies. It bears the time of erection, and the date of 1750, as the time of the settlement of the place."

"The place contains several mills and churches, and numbers about one hundred inhabitants. The store and post office is kept by James J. Powell. Other merchants were Cyprian Powell, Daniel G. Thorpe, and J. W. Vincent."

Transcribed from History of Columbia County New York, pg. 325, by Captain Franklin Ellis, 1878

The Chatham Courier Reports the 150th Celebration of the Settlement of Red Rock