Jack and Ethel Coxon, Standing Portrait, April 3, 1932

Jack and Ethel Coxon

April 3, 1932


I have my folks old photos, papers, and memorabilia they kept over the years (some of it going back a hundred and fifty years or so) and I want to post some of that stuff here. Members of both my parents families participated in the settlement of Red Rock in 1750 and it will be fun to piece some of that history together using this memorabilia.

Dad always smoked a pipe. Where is it?

This picture was taken about two months into Mom and Dad’s lifelong marriage. I have a bunch of pictures taken on this day of Mom’s 8 siblings and their parents; taken at Grandma and Grampa Goodrich’s place in Piersonville, a neighborhood in Red Rock, with everyone dressed for the occasion. What was the occasion?...

Piersonville is the neighborhood at the intersection of County Route 9 and Tenbroeck Road, at the top of the hill where the Piersonville school and the Doyle farm is. Grandma and Grampa Goodrich’s place was on the right side of County Route 9 about half was up the hill from the north. Their house was torn down a few years ago.