The Stewart Place in 1878 Col. Co. History

Residence of W. D. Stewart, Chatham N. Y.

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History of the Home Farm

Here I will attempt to discover and record the history of what I call the Home Farm, the farm where I grew up, originally about 210 acres, located at the intersection of Clark Road and Columbia County Rt. 9, in the Town of Chatham, Columbia County NY.

This farm was known to previous generations as the Goodrich Place, or Farm or Homestead; none of these appellations were known to me. Home Farm is what I've taken to calling the place in later years.

What I present here comes from remembered family lore, old family documents, recorded deeds, and some published articles and websites I have found. I can't vouch for the absolute accuracy of much of it but have done my best to suss out a reasonable history.

1 ~ Early History of the Farm

Originally settled by "old John Clark", most likely before 1786, after passing through several hands it was bought by Jesse Goodrich Jr. in 1837. The farm remained in Goodrich family hands until my folks slowly parceled it off, beginning about 1950.

2 ~ 1837 - Jesse Goodrich Jr.

The farm came into the Goodrich family on 26 Jul 1837 when Jesse Goodrich Jr. bought the farm from Milton Niles.

Seven weeks later Jesse died.

3 ~ 1837 - William D. & Betsy Stewart

The Stewarts built a thriving farm. The New York milk market opened up. They built new modern barns. Their tenure was the peak period in the life of the farm.

4 ~ 1894 - Frederick C. Goodrich

After William G. Stewart's death in April 1894, Frederick C. Goodrich commenced the process of acquiring the farm from the Stewart estate.

5 ~ 1928 - Jesse C. Goodrich

Jesse Carlton was one of Frederick C.'s younger sons. He had moved to Wisconsin in 1918, and in 1919 he married Elsie Goeres. A year later they moved back to Chatham for 10 years. I'm speculating they moved back to help his 65yo father with the farm.

On January 20th, 1928, Jesse Carlton & Elsie Goodrich bought the farm from Jesse's father's estate, a few months after Frederick C. died.

6 ~ 1932 - Lucy Lamoree

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7 ~ 1945 - John E & Ethel Coxon

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APPENDIX A - Early Deeds and Mortgages

This is a collection of early deeds, mortgages and a release relating to the home farm, transcribed from the originals I found in an envelope amongst my grandfather Frederick L. Goodrich's effects I inherited from my mother. His father, Frederick C. Goodrich, bought the farm from William Stewart's estate. William Stewart bought it from Jesse Goodrich Jr.'s estate.

APPENDIX B - Published References

Included here are relevant excerpts from a few published sources.

APPENDIX C - Babcock - Allen - Goodrich Burial Ground

This small burial ground is on the Home Farm to the north-east of the house, across County Rt. 9 and up on the bank to the left of the driveway into the Wichmann's place.

APPENDIX D - The Ancestors and Descendants of Frederick Carlton Goodrich

This is a transcription of the original typewritten genealogy compiled by Harold P. Goodrich in 1985 which I found amongst Mom's papers.

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